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Full Service Event Production

At Unity Logics we design, produce and manage exceptional events. We draw from an extensive repertoire of services that range from the elements that will take center stage, to the crucial, yet invisible things that happen behind the scenes. From lighting design and video mapping, to audio production and power distribution, we’re the all-in-one event partner that can bring your vision to life.


LED screens are one of the most important tools in the live production and event industry that allow you to add deep personality and another layer of dimension to your event.
Our indoor and outdoor LED video walls are suitable for a wide range of functions and events. They area fantastic way of engaging and broadcasting to audiences at both large and small events.
Product launches, concerts, festivals, and sporting events are all massively enhanced by adding a large LED screen that allows your audience to be completely immersed in the event.
We specialize on LED video wall rental and installation, all of our professional video engineers are licensed and insured.
Led Video Wall


You imagine, We design, Your guests experience. Lighting has a magical ability to transform places, spaces and experiences. When done correctly, Proper lighting can enhance all aspects of your event no matter if it’s a concert, party, wedding, or corporate event. When it comes to event lighting, Experience matters! You wouldn’t hire your Caterer to be your DJ, so why trust your guests lighting experience to anyone other than a professional. Let us use our years of experience in Lighting design; from simple and elegant to hip and modern and everything in between, we have you covered! What kinds of lighting do we offer? Great Question. Unity Logics Offers the following event lighting:
  • LED Uplights
  • LED Wash Lights
  • Mini LED Wash Lights
  • Custom Logo Lighting
  • Pinspots
  • Leko Lights
  • Moving Head Lights
  • Follow Spot Lights
And so much more!!!
Concert Lighting


Our Priority is the best possible Immersive Audio experience for you and your Guests. At Unity Logics, All of our Audio gear from our Monitors to Mixing boards to Microphones are constantly serviced and checked to make sure that they will perform at their best for YOUR event! We use Audio gear from trusted manufacturers in the audio industry and pair that top quality gear with years of experience in Corporate, Concert and Theatrical sound so that we can pass that trust on to you.
Every Event space and Venue has its own sonic challenges, From Indoors to Outdoors we know the physics and have the tools and experience to create a sonically stable environment for your event!


We understand that events can be hard to organize or even have these days. That’s why Unity Logics offers live streaming services. Let us help you bring your events to your audiences safely. Our live streaming services have helped to bring sermons to church audiences, have allowed students to safely enjoy their graduation ceremonies, aiding musicians in having successful virtual concerts, and have even made it possible for corporations to host award shows. There’s nothing we can’t help you accomplish with our brand of live streaming.


DJ’s are used for entertainment purposes. People book DJ’s for their events because nowadays without a DJ’s system every event becomes boring.
We decor special DJ parties for our clients where they can dance and enjoy the event. We have a professional work team.
They are passionate about their work. They are well-aware of every party trend. We give DJ’s for traditional events as well.